Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hate change

I have been shopping with Origins for my skincare needs for years. I'm mostly a fan of their moisturizer for oily skin named Matte Scientist, but I feel that my adulation toward them is about to change. I went to the store and picked up a new bottle in my favorite moisturizer only I was unable to find the bottle in its usual location. The sales woman told me the bottle is in the same spot it just has a new look. The box and bottle were short and stumpy. I immediately assumed the company cut out on the 1.7 fluid ounces the old bottle provided. She assured me that everything is the same (the ingredients, the size) only the packaging has changed. I say okay and go ahead and purchase it. I HATE IT! The new bottle has a much smaller opening for distribution so when trying to pour the moisturizer either nothing comes out or way too much comes out. There is absolutely no portion control with this new bottle. To make it worse when too much manages to come out (which is ALL the time) the opening is so small that I cannot add the un-needed portion back into the bottle, which leads to waste, which leads to needing a refill sooner than later. I love the formula so much, but this new bottle is making me want to switch moisturizers in a hurry. I think I'm going to send them my comments on the new packaging so they are aware that they are losing a customer due to this undue change. Don't you just hate consumers like me, but they need to know why my allegiance has come to an end!

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