Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Beautiful People

Don't you just love beautiful people? I had the most strikingly gorgeous family come into my store today. First I noticed the woman, well primarily because I was assisting her. She had to be in her late 30s, but had a figure like a 20 year old. She put her dark long hair loosely into a ponytail, while wearing pink blush and sporting a pale pink glossy lip with mascara on her lashes to polish off the whole natural look. I was so smitten by her beauty that I didn't even notice her little girl until she dropped the handbag my mannequin was holding. Whoa, this little girl had to be 6 years old and the cutest darn little thing I've ever seen. Her face is destined to be the muse of a major fashion designer one day I just know it. Just when I was going to mention that I know where this adorable little girl gets her looks, her smoking hot daddy walks in! DANG! Tall, tan, lean, and damn fine!!! He had a head full of salt-n-pepper wavy hair that I couldn't help but to imagine running my fingers through. He was accompanied by two more older but cute kids. What a match made in heave to procreate.

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