Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Euro Move

I've just returned from western Europe and I have to say it was one of the best times I've experienced. The feeling of being there is delightfully unexplainable. Aside from the chilly temperatures, the towns and atmosphere were exquisite. The streets paved in beautiful cobblestone, and buildings and churches built in the 1800s were amazing. We hung out in the square mostly, an area fill with lots of people shopping, eating, working et cetera. While shopping in the square we realized that the major shops are open and closed during the same hours when most people work, i.e. 8am - 7pm (somewhere around that). In other words you had better get your shopping in before work or during your lunch break because we're getting off when you get off! This philosophy has immediately lead me to set my sights on relocating to Europe. Oh, I've recently left the unstable world of finance for the unpredictable world of retail. It's been a long time coming since fashion is my passion. I'm really impressed on how the Europeans realize there is more to life than working. I could close my store and meet my accounting and lawyer friends for dinner and drinks by 8pm! Unlike in the states where I'm forced to decline invitations due to late night closing hours. I'd better brush up on my French speaking!

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