Friday, May 11, 2007

Sunglasses Hunt

Now that we're well into spring and headed very quickly into summer I have been obsessed with finding the perfect pair of shades. I found a pair by JLo that I love for my South Beach trip, but for some reason I'm not satisfied - I want more! I think the main place this is coming from is while in Miami, of course everyone had on some designer trendy pair of shades, I spotted a pair on a random woman just passing by as I was basking in the sun. On this woman these sunglasses were so cute. Since she was passing by I couldn't see the designer (usually located on the side) but they looked so hot. A dark lens with the frame a gold metal - it just looked so luxurious. But I'm not into spending a ton of cash on sunglasses. Surprisingly, since I am a label whore, I plain just don't think it's worth it. Most sunglasses, if not all, being sold today are UVA/UVB protected so you end up paying for nothing more than the name on the frame, and in some cases the case that come with the pair.

These are Fendi and are super cute, but I cannot justify paying the $300 price tag. Yeah I'll just keep looking.


Anonymous said...

yea, but we really want to hear about your date Friday night... I heard he was super cute!!!

The Girl said...

haha I wish!