Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dressing your boy

Guess I've been kind of oblivious, but women's jeans aren't the only ones reporting a $100+ price tag. My boy Nate came to me wanting my expert fashion advice on some jeans he was contemplating purchasing. To my surprise they were designer jeans, but he is one of my male friends who is into that. Anyway he was looking at a pair of William Rast, True Religion, and Rock & Republic. Of course after he gave me the rundown I let him know to expect to pay a hefty price, but I wasn't prepared for this.... The William Rast pair he was interested in would run him a whopping $230! True Religion is selling a pair for $280 (not the pair he showed me). The Rock & Republic pair wouldn't be far off. I was shell-shocked. I asked him, "are you sure you want to spend this kind of money on jeans?!" Guess that's what I was for, to talk some sense into him! In all seriousness, I liked all of the styles he chose. They each had a little something different about them whether it was the wash, or the cut, or the pocket style. The jeans look pretty darn sexy on these male models, but I convinced my boy to wait a while and sleep on it before he went on a spending binge.

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Babs said...

$230 for a pair of jeans!? I just don't have it like that. I bought a pair today for just under $100 and I hated doing that. But when I find jeans that fit this badonka I buy them!