Saturday, May 19, 2007

Got my nails did

I went to the nail salon a few days ago for a little pampering. I usually take care of my nails myself, but thought it was time to have a professional touch them. I visited the local nail salon who take walk-ins and signed up for a basic manicure, and was pumped! As she started the manicure process a thought came to me. I remembered watching a TV program where an aesthetician informed people not to have your cuticles cut. That cutting your cuticles makes them grow back faster and thicker. Eww, who wants that right?! But as my manicurist was tending to my nails the cuticle trimmer came out, and I said nothing. I figured what the hay, I'm sure this isn't THAT damaging to my nails. So I happily accepted the manicure, chose a pretty nail enamel, paid her and went on my way. Much later I went to wash my hands in hot water (as I tend to do) and my hands, no my cuticle area was stinging! Then, dun dun dun, I saw BLOOD! Okay I'm being dramatic, but I know the next time I will have her keep her cuticle trimming tool in the drawer and simply have them pushed back. But if that's your thing don't let my story discourage you.


Babs said...

Well, you know I get a mani and pedi a couple of times a month. It's quite addictive. I purchased my own set of tools for sanitary reasons. I typically go to the same salon, but no matter where I go I carry my tools and pumice stone with me. I definitely don't want someone else's dead skin on me!

Rarely I'll have an overzealous nail tech who will take a little too much skin. But it's not the norm, so please don't let that discourage you from beautifying yourself.

The Girl said...

Ha, that's a great idea Babs