Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Memorial weekend

I am so looking forward to the this weekend. One because Monday is a holiday for us and I don't have to go into work (yea!) and two, a lot of people use this weekend to have pool parties, picnics, or cookouts. The weather is going to be relatively good this weekend around the country, so I will use this long weekend to catch up on my favorite blog sites and my magazine subscriptions (which just happens to be piling up) while sun-bathing at the pool. This is also a great weekend to go shopping. A lot of boutiques, department stores, and shops love to lure us in by "marking down" the prices on a lot of their products and calling it a Memorial Day sale. I for one don't need a reason to shop, but I just love a good deal. So get out and eat, shop, and tan not necessarily in that order. Have a get Memorial Day weekend!

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