Monday, April 30, 2007

Survey says... clear skies

Just got back from vacationing in Miami, Florida. South Beach to be exact, and it was everything I thought it would be! My sisters and I try to make this trip annually, and although it's only April, it was a very welcomed vacation. I have been longing to leave the roller coaster weather of the Midwest for a stable hot and sunny destination. The city that never sleeps was just that - there was so much going on I was somewhat disappointed with all the distraction. Nevertheless, we made it a relaxing and serene trip. Once we got over all the bumming around on the beach, we managed to take advantage of the fabulous shopping. Of course had to stop by Intermix and I have to mention the hottest bag ever! Okay I'm a little gitty right now, but the boutique carried a Versace bag that was unbelievable! I could not take my eyes off it. My sister who is not a shopper at all had to agree, and that's saying something. Anyhow, I was relatively good, only came home with a few extra things (Versace bag not included). Had to save some of my funds for the nightlife, which can be unbelievably expensive if you don't have a connection. I'm feeling well rested and looking very dark as I return back to reality and count down to my next vacation!


Babs said...

Sounds quite enjoyable. I am planning a getaway of my own. Just a quick weekend with the girls to Savannah. I really need a getaway that doesn't involve sleeping at my grandma's.

Shopaholic D said...

ooh...i love miami and south beach is just beautiful!

i was just there last september...can't wait to go back

sounds like you had a fun time!

:) D