Friday, April 06, 2007


Do you have an unreliable digital cable service? If you're me your answer is YES! I've been a subscriber to Insight Communications for almost four years now due to the fact that the company has a monopoly on my area. So unless I go with satellite, I am stuck with Insight cable services or nothing at all!! Included in my cable package is their DVR service and, as any customer would, I expect it to work properly. Since I'm telling you about this I have to admit that I am addicted to soap operas. Wouldn't you know my DVR listing does not include a full day of my soap operas! I know what the non-soap opera fans are thinking, "missing a month is nothing let alone a day!" Only my true fellow fans understand that to miss a day can be devastating. To top it off, my sister informed me that it was this day the show was not to be missed; an excellent episode. Great.... Thanks for that, thanks for the information! Now I'm even more upset! The fact that my soap operas did not record is not the point here, the fact that Insight's DVR service failed to fulfill its duty is the point. I don't like using this word, but I can honestly say that I HATE Insight cable!


Babs said...

Wow. Bummer. I know the feeling. Remember when tivo deleted 24?

I, too, hate cable and am a die-hard subscriber of Directv. Not only do I hate cable itself, but I have found the employees of Comcast to be complete imbeciles.

Doesn't the Soap Opera network show the soaps daily?

The Girl said...

Now I don't even know how I would have handled my Jack not being recorded! Actually over the weekend Soap Network did air the entire week of my soap! So I was happy, but I still hate cable!!