Monday, April 16, 2007

JLo on American Idol

Since Jennifer Lopez is my #1 style icon, I have to post about her being on American Idol last week. First regarding the advice given to the contestants throughout - it was very good. Not that I'm surprised but her advice was clear, concise, sincere, and evoked the passion she has for the industry. I will not dilute this by commenting on Sanjaya's delusional attempt at a joke.

Second and most important (wink) she looked great! During rehearsal she wore a cute form-fitting silver turtleneck top with 1/2 balloon sleeves and about a million silver bangles, with black skinny jeans and platform sandals. During her performance of "Que Hiciste" day 2 she wore a long chiffon dress over black skinny jeans tucked into black knee-length boots. As expected her make-up was flawless - shimmery pink cheeks, dark eyes, pale glossy lip. She's the bomb! If you have 5 minutes, check her out for yourself.

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Len Molden said...

Thanks for your excellent comments about Jennifer. Would you like to write an article in our next Jennifer Lopez Newsletter?

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