Saturday, April 21, 2007

Love a good sale

Went on a bit of a shopping spree last weekend at Mexx. They are having the best sale to rid their winter items. With April feeling like February I had no problem picking up and purchasing sweaters, scarves, and wool. I like Mexx because their style is great for day and night. Very conservative clothing (which is ideal for my job), but at the same time very fashionable (which is ideal for my psyche)! I walked out of there paying probably half of what I should have paid, and for such cute stuff. Like any shopaholic I wanted to walk out of there with much more, but not surprisingly a lot of the items in the more popular sizes were gone. Below are a few of the items I purchased. The scarf below was only $5, so I had to pick up more than one!


Babs said...

Cute selections! Nice that you can still get some wear out of them.

Miss A said...

I love Mexx, the quality is great! Cute shawl, I love the color!