Monday, June 11, 2007

The world is flat (kind of)

The latest shoe craze is surprisingly not a 5 inch high platform. Lately as I shop through the many sources I adore for shoes, I've come across a really cute look. A closed (or peep) toe wedged heel between 1 and 2 inches tall in a covered foot or slingback. Many shoe makers, from high-end all the way down, are participating in this design style. They look super comfortable and usually comfort is synonymous with non-sexy, but in my opinion the look can make an outfit pop. My girl friend says they are all over her college campus.
Look at these, they are absolutely so hot in the pointed toe. I of course picked up a pair (being the shopaholic I am) in a round-toe and wear them to the office, but they're a great transition for after five o'clock too. These are all taken from Zappos, but this look is everywhere. Jessica Simpson, for example, has a nice variety in her line (not pictured above) that are very cute. Since I'm already taller than the average female, I am pleased that the latest shoe trend is taking it down a notch so to speak.

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Anonymous said...

The ones at the top are ones I hope I never see you wearing ;-D But the pair at the bottom are cute. Thank God I don't go to the office. If this is my choice for comfort-wear these days I'd rather be uncomfortable and stick to heals... at least I'd be cute :)