Thursday, June 21, 2007

BITTEN, pushed and shoved

I am in New York City this week for work so of course I have to pay a visit to Steve & Barry's who sell Sarah Jessica Parker's new clothing line 'Bitten' exclusively. Steve & Barry's is in the Manhattan Mall and upon walking through I'm beaming from the anticipation. The anticipation is immediately dissipated by discouragement.... The checkout line is wrapped around the store, TWICE! But I'm in NY, I'm already at the store I must go in, so I do. Nothing in SJP's collection is over $20. She's said as much in press releases and interviews, but there's something about seeing the modest price tag in person. The collection is pretty casual with tees, polo-ish shirts, and jeans, lots and lots of jeans. She also has espadrilles, cute dresses, and button-up shirts ideal for my office job. The only thing though, the stuffs been picked over. It was pretty difficult to find a size other than large and extra-large. The shoes were everywhere; out of boxes, scattered all about on the floor. These women were relentless. The aisle ways aren't that wide, but these woman were behaving as if they would get to meet SJP if they found the treasure. The staff had to be please about that.
So once I made my selections, I braved the extremely long and outrageous checkout line. It was so amusing to see the faces of the people who walked into the store go from all smiles to complete shock at the checkout line. "We're not actually gonna stand in this line are we?" I can actually say the line was fairly efficient. Because of the prices people had loads of stuff at checkout, but my wait wasn't long at all relatively speaking.

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Babs said...

Oh, wow. I'm so jealous. I really want to check her line out. And certainly wouldn't be discouraged by the L and Xl!