Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Paris up, no down, no up

Since I'm in investment banking I receive tons of publications and e-mails about the financial markets. I just had to laugh when a pretty credible financial website e-mailed me a link to the Paris Hilton Stock Index. It's a composite portfolio that picks stocks based on anything Paris Hilton. Is she not everywhere or what? Even (insert stereotype) old gray-haired executives are concerned with her. Below is a blog site and website regarding this index. It's really quite hilarious; especially as they track the index upon jail visits and release dates. The trend shows that the index is fairly volitale as she is in jail.


Michael said...

It's a shame that so called “quality” news channels follow this woman around like a bunch of crazed groupies. Then have the nerve to force feed it to us like we really care! I know I don’t. “We interrupt our story on government corruption to bring you this. Paris Hilton’s about to use the bathroom. Is it a #1 or #2? Does her $#it stink?” It’s almost insane. But hey I guys we can treat it like comedy cause the girls a train wreck waiting to happen again. Or should I say car crash? Funny post though.

Babs said...

Seriously, when I hear anything even remotely Paris-related, I turn the channel. In fact, I almost didn't read this post!