Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ocean (not the movie)

I soooo want this mobile phone by Helio called Ocean. It's a slider phone where one part is for conversing and another for the typewriter keyboard. And it's so tiny, which is good for when I carry a small bag or clutch. I first noticed it all over my fashion magazines, but apparently I'm behind - its been available on the market for a month now. Slashgear does a great write-up on it. Babs and I talk about ending our ties with Verizon, this might be the push I need. Isn't it cool!

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Babs said...

I was on the phone Friday with Verizon confirming my contract end date with Verizon. May 2008!

Not sure what kind of service this Helio provides though.

I'm considering a Blackberry Pearl.