Friday, June 01, 2007

beep beep!

I'm getting a moped! Isn't this one super cute in a butter color! Okay let me slow down... I want a moped. Gas prices are out of control and these babies get around 80 miles per gallon, if not more. Gas prices in my area have come down, but by very little. There are a few downfalls however. Mopeds only get up to around 55 miles per hour, not very fast so no highway driving. Where I live I'll be on this thing maybe a good 6 months out of the year, not that long. Mopeds and scooters start anywhere from $700 to $3,000 from what I've seen, not so cheap. But if you do the math I think I'll make out in the long run. It doesn't sound like gas prices are coming down in the foreseeable future, so have to think of ways to be fuel efficient. What better alternative to public transporation, and a lot more fun.

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Babs said...

My dream is to move to midtown and drive one of these to work everyday. There is a shop across from my spa that sells them and they always have them on display on the sidewalk. Cute!