Saturday, March 10, 2007

And then there were 12

American Idol reveled the final twelve singers this week. This is a huge deal because this is the group that will go on the American Idol tour once this season's show is over. Everyone is talking about the shockers - Sabrina Sloan leaving and Sanjaya Malakar staying. I was not surprised that Sanjaya made the top 12 because if you can remember after the performances for week 1 Ryan Seacrest alerted the audience that Sanjaya was the top 4th vote-getter. Past performance does not guarantee future results, but it is a huge indicator of what's to come. I personally feel sorry for the kid, but there is always one contestant labeled as the "outcast" every year - guess it has to be him. Sabrina's departure on the other hand I was very surprised with. She is gorgeous, has personality and not to mention a great voice, and last time I checked this is a singing competition. Well I'm not sure it matters anyhow because 11 contestants are singing for the right to second place after the likes of Melinda Doolittle.


Miss A said...

I totally agree with you- what is that Sanjaya still doing there? I thought he was brutal!

Bella said...

I'm not too surprised that Sabrina went home. In the words of Randy, she was just alright for me. Sanjaya is a joke. He'd better not make the top ten. No one wants to see him on tour!

The Girl said...

Actually I guess it's the top 10 who will be going on the tour.