Tuesday, February 27, 2007

JT - that boy can dance!

As I posted last week I went to the Justin Timberlake show, and it was the bomb (for lack of a better word)! The venue was a basketball arena, and his set is a huge circle where he can perform to all members of the audience; He calls it an intimate setting. In front of his stage are bar stools available for purchase. With this seat you can put your drink down on his stage while grabbing onto his leg, his hand or where ever. Behind those fans are the standing audience - they too can attempt to run-up and grab onto some part of him. I was behind those people in the stands in my cozy seat.

Throughout the show Justin put up removable large screens that looked like sheer drapes where his performance was being shown for those who had a poor view. That actually came in handy for me due to the fact that Justin was on one side of the stage most of the night. In my opinion he did not distribute his time to all four parts of the venue evenly, so I found myself looking at the large screens quite often. It did not stop me and my friends from having an awesome time though.

Oh my goodness, that boy sure can dance! He came out to one of my favorite songs on the new CD - FutureSex/LoveSounds where of course he "tore up" the stage with his sexy and hip moves. My favorite performance from him that night was to My Love. He was at the piano and played some guitar throughout the night as well. I didn't realize he was so talented. He also did a few songs from his first solo CD and one song from his time with NSync. The place went into a frenzy when Timberland came out onto the stage. It was an awesome surprise. All-in-all a remarkable show from Mr. Justin!
(Pics from Jennie; click to enlarge)


Flashy_Shades said...

whoa he looks pretty hot in that suit

Miss A said...

So jealous that you got to go to his show!!!!

stylefinder said...

it's finally warm in the northeast, what's in for the spring? the new beige toned fabric Dior bag or the MiuMiu light green leather bag? help me decide please.

The Girl said...

hey stylefinder! i personally like color for spring so i would go with miu miu's light green leather bag, plus i just love miu miu bags in general!