Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Spring in the air

OMG when is spring going to get here?! It is so so so cold here in the Midwest. I digress! What are the trends for spring you ask? Well Elle magazine does a very good round-up on their website of top pieces and trends that the fashion conscious woman should take part in. White is everywhere- in accessories, dresses, shorts, everywhere. Fendi's spy bag in white is a must-have, so gorgeous. Short-shorts and minidresses are a must for spring, so break out that razor! Heels are just getting higher and higher- they're here for spring especially in the wedge. Leggings were everywhere in 2006 and I don't think they're going away, at least not this season so keep them around. And with the groundhog not seeing his shadow last Friday, we may get to partake in the spring trends sooner rather than later!


Stylefinder said...

I definitely am jumping on the trend bandwagon when it comes to short skirt/dress hemlines, but will probably shy away from the white shorts and stick to white on my top half or in a flowy skirt. (Tight and white does not do wonders for my rear end...)

I was never really a fan of leggings during fall 06, and I'm still not sold on them. I like the layering effect but would rather wear tights that cover my feet or over-the-knee socks.

And high heels - hell yeah. (although my poor feet would probably disagree)

The Girls said...

No pain no gain!!!