Wednesday, March 28, 2007

These boots are made for walkin'

Yesterday I received the exact same question from two completely different people at completely different times. "It's spring, but can I still wear boots?" My first question back was, "what are you planning on wearing them with?" Followed with, "during what occasion?" The weather has been awfully nice and makes me want to pull out my opened toe sandals, one problem however, my toes aren't quite ready for spring. I still have boot-wearin' feet! I told both women that I feel it is currently okay to continue wearing your boots with pants so that only the foot and heel of the boot is shown. No wearing them with tights/leggings or skirts or dresses! April is upon us and we'll start getting into the heart of spring very soon. Having said that, you don't have much longer to wear your boots.... Get to walkin'!


Babs said...

In Atlanta we are currently strictly open-toed and stocking-free. I've seen a couple of people still trying to hang on to their boots and they look silly. It's 85 degrees outside!

We definitely do not get a lot of wear out of our winter clothes down here.

Stylefinder said...

Hmmm...I disagree. Well, not with the previous comment - boots in hot weather don't make much sense. But in general, if the weather is still cool enough to warrant boots, I think they can be worn with skinnies tucked in as well as with skirts and dresses. In Vancouver, I wear my boots pretty much all summer long. Not every day, but you get what I mean.

In fact I quite like the look of a floaty summer dress with a tough-looking boot. As long as your feet don't get sweaty, that's just gross ;-P