Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bootie find

Well from the feel of it fall is definitely here, which leads me to start thinking a lot more about my fall wardrobe and what needs to be added. There are the basics such as cashmere sweaters, bulky hats, wool pencil skirts. Right now I'm missing a cute pair of booties in my wardrobe. Shouldn't be a problem to add since this look is displayed on all the runways and in all the magazines. Ha but not here. I've been to every store in town and cannot find the perfect pair, which ideally would be the pair from Louis Vuitton (oh sorry I was dreaming again). I need a pair that transform rather easily from day to night. I need them to be conservative enough for my office job, but hot enough for after-hours. I want a pair that aren't uncomfortably sky-high, especially since I'm above average height for females. I'm happy to say that I found a pair of booties that I relish. They're by Steve Madden, patent black with lacing. If there is one complaint I have with them it's that they are only a two inch heel. Very ideal for work, but hardly high enough to be considered sexy. Strange since it is incredibly difficult to find a heel in any shoe under four inches these days. Anyway I'm happy with them and think they'll get a lot of use from me.

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Babs said...

I need to get a pair too. We haven't moved into boots yet, but I am going to be very happy rockin this style.