Thursday, July 19, 2007


Ever wonder what happened to those "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" boys? I was such a huge fan of that show. It was innovative, creative, fun and had some major eyecandy i.e. Kyan Douglas and Jai Rodriquez. Well I recently stumbled upon a show called "Styleyes" where Jai is the host. The show is a televised magazine about Miami, which includes Miami, South Beach and Miami Beach. Anyone who knows me knows that I am practically a Miami resident and just adore that city. This show focuses on Miami's fun side (what other side is there?) going behind the scenes of Jai and friends enjoying Miami's nightlife, recommending to viewers where to eat, lounge, dance, etc. Jai shares tips on how to get into a nightclub, and if you know Miami you know that information could come in handy.

Miami nightlife is not the only topic Styleyes covers. Jai covers the cultural aspect of Miami as well. He goes into the neighborhoods and talks with the locals. He interviews prominent figures in the community such as Emilio Estefan. He shares trends and tips on Miami style and Miami shopping. And who can forget about the Miami beaches - he covers that too. Rodriquez is knowledgable, interesting, sincere, and endearing. I love his personality, and they couldn't have found a better host for this show. Styleyes airs on SiTv Thursday nights at 11:00pm... watch it tonight!

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