Monday, July 02, 2007

Au revoir

A couple of my friends are leaving New York City this month for good to live in Luxembourg. It's such a gutsy move to leave your home for unfamiliar and foreign territory, but also very exciting. Luxembourg resides around 500,000 people of which French is known as the official and dominate language. While it seems as though most people took Spanish in high school, my friends took French, so that should come in handy. Realistically, probably not. High school French is so much different from the real thing. But luckily English is widely spoken there. It will be mighty expensive to live there, especially since the Dollar sucks against the Euro, something they'll need to get use to. Luxembourg also happens to be ranked no. 1 in the world regarding alcohal comsumption per capita dethroning Ireland. They got a kick out of that statistic. This is such a cool thing they're doing and I have to say best wishes to my friends.

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