Sunday, July 08, 2007

How much is too much to pay for a bathing suit? I was looking through my July issue of Lucky Magazine and came across the style bathing suit I've been searching desperately for. You would think a simple bandeau style wouldn't be difficult to find, but I've been having major troubles... No strap, or the strap on the top doesn't tie from the spot I prefer i.e. from the center, etc. Now here it is in Lucky mag! This one by Lisa Curran is the exact style I've been wanting to add to my collection and comes in some really cute colors, but costs $140! For two pieces of material are you crazy?! But I just adore the style and the cut of this bikini. I did find something kind of similar at Old Navy, but the fit was less than desirable. I haven't tried on the Lisa Curran piece, but perhaps that's the difference and justifies the large variance in price points. Ready or not for her prices, the collection is very cute and sold on her website or shopbop.


Anonymous said...

$140?! that's ridiculous... I don't understand why others don't just copy the design and manufacture them in China... I guess Lisa Curran's could be from China already... definitely does not warrant the premium!

Babs said...

I say if you can afford it and it looks good on you, go for it!

But you better wear it a LOT!