Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spanx please

Last night my girlfriends and I enjoyed girls night out, and with that came some great people watching. Girls were dressed pretty cute for the most part and we saw so many hot shoes, which I was somewhat surprised about but very impressed with. There was one girl who stood out and who is the inspiration for this post. She was wearing the ever so popular bandage dress. Now not too many people can wear the bandage dress the way I'm sure its designer intended it to be worn. This dress is very revealing in that any bump, any extra piece of chuck your body may hold will be exposed in this dress. However there is a solution, an aid - Spanx! I could not tell this girl's back from her front when she turned sideways. Of course not too many of us look like Gisele, but come on if you're going to wear such a body conscious piece then please take the necessary steps to keep the integrity of the dress.


Jess said...

I thought spanx were pretty much required when wearing a really form-fitting dress. I guess some girls managed to miss out on that memo?

But, nonetheless, very good point.

Anonymous said...

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