Monday, December 29, 2008


I went home for the holidays. It was good to see family and friends, and to have a home cooked meal. It was also good to go shopping with my sister like old times. While shopping in my old stomping grounds I discovered that my old city has added a Tiffany & Co. and a West Elm to the mall! OMG are you kidding me?!!! We don't have those stores in my new city, did I totally just downgrade when I left home?! Obvioulsy we went in both showrooms and gushed over the layout, selection, and history of the stores. I had to buy something from West Elm just to say I did. The blue box will come to me via gift someday (hopefully).

1 comment:

Babs said...

You most certainly did not downgrade!

I love West Elm, though I've never bought anything from there.