Monday, August 25, 2008


MTV aired the winner for season two's America's Best Dance Crew - Super Crew. This show is probably my favorite reality dance competition because it focuses on a group of dancers (4-7 members) who have formed a crew and are given challenges where they create their own choreography for the weekly task at hand. Also, the show focuses on Hip-Hop, my favorite dance style. Okay I have to admit that whatever dance show is in season is usually deemed my favorite dance competition, i.e. I'm just bananas over So You Think You Can Dance during their season. However, I'm not going to see the SYTYCD tour. I'm more interested in seeing the ABDC tour. This will be the program's first feature large city tour, and will consists of dance crews from both seasons one and two. The Jabbawockeez were the winner of season one and have gone on to do some interesting things, such as a dedicated scene in the movie Step Up 2, an on-stage performance with Ne-Yo at the BET awards, just to name a couple. MTV has only announced a few dance crews who will be gracing the stage for this tour: seasons one and two winners Jabbawockeez and Super Crew respectively. Also joining the major tour is BreakSk8 from season one, the sexy hip-hop dancers who dance at all times with skates on their feet. During the post-show for season two's finale we learned, along with them, that ASIID will also be included on the tour. Hostess Julissa inadvertently asked ASIID how it feels to be joining the tour. The dance crew looked at her silently in confusion, shock, and amazement; then one dance member asked, "we are?" Julissa responded, "oh yes, you are!" The tour starts September 18th, with tickets currently on sale. I presume they will release the remaining participating dance crews soon, especially if they want to sell more tickets.

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