Friday, April 25, 2008

Off 5th

I'm sitting in my office at work and I can hardly contain myself. I just discovered that in my town resides a Saks Off 5th! For those who think I'm speaking French right now, Saks Off 5th is a discounted Saks Fifth Avenue store! You get the designer label at less than designer prices. It's where Saks Fifth Avenue drops off its out-of-season products to make room for the new (expensive) stuff. It makes no nevermind to me if it's in season or out; I'm there... Designer clothes, bags, shoes oh my! They also have designer items for your man and kids; even your home according to the website. All I know is that over the winter I was eyeing a $250 pair of Anne Klein brown booties that I never pulled the trigger on, and now they are discounted at Off 5th! I'm also excited about the rows and rows and rows of sunglasses that are there. I am never one to pay top dollar for shades especially when the "cheap" ones have UV eye protection just the same, but at these prices I must repeat myself - I'm there! If you're a sucker for designer jeans like Rock and Republic or True Religion but don't want to pay marked-up prices, this place is for you. I hear they have mad shelves of them. Me? I'm a sucka for handbags, so I am interested to see which designers they carry and how reduced they'll be. God, hopefully I exercise some self control.

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