Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend shopping

I've been missing the cute, young, budget-minded fashions of H&M. There's no H&M here in my area so when I took a trip back home for the holiday weekend I made a point to visit H&M there. I saw the cutest trench coat there that comes in black and standard khaki. The quality was excellent and the price tag $60; that's a good price right? I wasn't sure, so I did not pick it up but I'm beginning to regret it. Also in the store was a black suit that resembled almost to the T a BCBG suit I own. I'm like for a fraction of the price I could have picked this one up?! It was gorgeous. I wish the store had more dresses however, especially since Spring is here. I got my fix though by purchasing only a couple of things.


Babs said...

We are getting an H&M in the Atlanta. I think this year. Yay!

Court said...

How can you survive without H&M? :-)