Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Where my shopaholics at?

January retail numbers were released today on Wall Street at way way below than expected returns. Experts say these dire results prove that we are currently indeed in a recession. Redbook Research, which tracks and reports analysis on retail sales was one source to deliever the depressing data today. So I'm wondering where are all my fellow shopaholics? Sure times are tough, but there's nothing like a cute new pair of heels or a hot new dress to get you out of that funk and forget about your problems (at least temporarily).

Doesn't she looks happy, not a care in the world and I'm with her! Although most of my shopping is done on credit, which could be bad and a big reason why we're in this mess in the first place.

Gone are the days when credit card solicitations and approvals are like blinking. Some of those who have them are breaking out a sharp shiny object where unless you're Johnny Depp does not look good with any outfit. So I urge my fellow shopaholics to get back out there, our economy needs you!

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LadyA said...

LadyA is doing her part. Spent $150 @ Ann Taylor Loft. Recession isn't so bad if you just got a pay raise and try to live as far below your means as you fabulously can.