Monday, September 10, 2007

"Music" TV

I got home from my Florida vacation in time to watch the MTV VMAs last night. Now I wasn't going to post about this awards show because I'm so over it, but the most ironic thing happened towards the end that I just have to mention it because it resulted in my laughing uncontrollably. The Male Artist of the Year award was to be given out and MTV chose three reality television stars from MTV's The Hills to present the award. This year's VMAs was held at Las Vegas' Palm Hotel and Casino where multiple rooms were hosting parties and performances throughout the night. Justin Timberlake performed in one of those rooms where at one point while in that room he stated, "I want to challenge MTV to play more music videos". Justin Timberlake deservedly won the male artist of the year VMA and walked onto the stage to accept his award presented by the three MTV reality TV stars. As the three girls moved over to make way for Justin and Timbaland, Justin went to the microphone and again challenged MTV, "play more bleep music videos, enough with reality TV". Of course the crowd went crazy and the three girls on stage stood there with embarrassed smiles. I was dying at the irony. Justin can forget it though; music is dead on MTV.

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