Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Darnit Blake!

Did you happen to catch that nail biting five-setter match with Tommy Haas vs. James Blake yesterday? I have been glued to CBS and USA airing the US Open tennis matches, and this year's tournament has been as good and competitive a year as I can remember. I for one have been rooting emphatically for James Blake, who's yet to win a major, to win the whole tournament this year. He escaped late last week by beating Koubek in his first ever five-set match win. That match lasted nearly FOUR hours and into the night, and with only a day off I knew his match verses Haas would be a challenging one. The first three sets were competitive with Blake taking two of them, but then in the fourth set Blake didn't score one flipping point, not one. I knew then it was over and he was not going to win this match let alone the entire tournament. It looked as if his weariness got the best of him, that he was ready to throw in the towel. But then in the fifth set he gained major momentum. The crowd was electric, I think the entire stadium was cheering for Blake. It came down to a fifth set tie breaker and Haas took it 7-4 where his last point was challenged by Blake and was counted in. Guess I'll root for Roddick to win the tournament now and will look out for Blake as he'll now have time to resume his book tour :-(

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