Tuesday, December 12, 2006

DVD time

Yea, The Devil Wears Prada comes out today on video! It happens to be on sale this week at many video store distributors all around the country. The cheapest I found is at Circuit City for $13.99. Just in time for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

What a godawful movie! It's on sale because no one wants to buy it. The only thing worse than the Devil Wears Prada is the fact that they are considering making a sequel to the greatest movie of all time, New Jack City.

"In the New Jaaaaaack City, ee, ee, ee, ee, oh yeah...."

Anonymous said...

I love this movie !

Satty said...

I totally disagree that this movie is awful. I love this movie! I had to practically drag my boyfriend to go see it and he even liked it. This is a must-DVD purchase. I also liked New Jack City, BUT I agree a sequel might be a bit much :o)