Thursday, September 24, 2009

Coat Collector

I love coats. I personally own around 20 coats and jackets and I still cannot get enough. Right now I'm obsessed with the military style coat or jacket. I've seen that style at only a few places though so I'm not sure if it's on trend, but Victoria's Secret has two that I'm dying over. Not to mention VC is selling theirs for less than $200. I know I do not need yet another coat especially a wool one, but at this price it's such a steal.

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stylishme said...

You really are behind on your fashion reading if you are questioning the trendyness of the military/band coat :) Every magazine, blog, or website dedicated to fashion has at least one entry dedicated to this trend. I personally am obsessed with the VS purple "band" jacket that they have for under $70!