Saturday, June 13, 2009


Due to American Idol continuously running over during the season I set my DVR to record the show 5 minutes longer than it was scheduled to end. I learned that tough lesson after I missed Adam Lambert's performance of which Simon Cowell actually gave him a standing ovation. By the way, why is it such a big deal right now that Adam is gay?! Anyway, after the American Idol finale FOX aired a new pilot called Glee. I was not interested as I already record way too many television shows, however this one caught my attention from the very beginning. In the first 45 seconds they showed a car being driven with Ohio plates (my home town!), and a boy trying to avoid being thrown into the dumpster by the high school football team by shouting he is wearing Marc Jacobs' new collection. I died and wanted more, but five minutes was up and so was the show! I'm just now writing this post because I finally watched the entire episode of Glee on and I must say I was so moved. I love the concept of the show; The football jocks, the cheerleader clicks, the nerds who get stuffed in porta potties, and of course the caring teachers. One teacher in particular who runs the Glee club and hopes to recruit some singing and dancing talent. If you haven't watched the pilot for this hour-long comedy please check it out, I think you will be as delighted as I am. I'm looking forward to adding another show to my repertoire this fall television season. I guarantee this will be a hit with pop culture.

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